Civil Air Patrol
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Falcon Field Composite Sqd patch The Peachtree City- Falcon Field Composite Squadron GA-116 is a proud member of the Georgia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.  Since 1941, the Civil Air Patrol has been Semper Vigilans– “Always Vigilant.”  We are truly “Citizens Serving Communities” through a wide variety of methods, from conducting search and rescue for the US Air Force to assisting local Emergency Management Agencies all the way down to local volunteer efforts in Georgia hometowns.  

Georgia_Wing_Emblem_mediumWe are the civilian arm of the US Air Force.  We have an award-winning youth program that promotes self-initiative, discipline, leadership and personal growth and development.  We perform over 95% of all aircraft search and rescue missions for the Air Force, and have saved thousands of lives by providing well-trained, qualified air crews.  We work closely with federal, state and local governments, providing a wide range of much-needed services, and all of this without fanfare or financial reward.


Civil_Air_Patrol_sealWe provide humanitarian aid during natural disasters, work closely with state and local emergency service agencies (law enforcement, fire, search and rescue) as well as the US Department of Homeland Security and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency



GA116 Squadron – meets every Thursday Night at the Peachtree City United Methodist Church at 225 Robinson Road – Meetings are held in the Basement Classrooms Cadet meeting starts at 6:30pm – 9pm – parents are welcome to stay and observe any time. Senior meeting starts at 6:45pm – 9pm

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