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Senior Members Program

Welcome Adults!

Senior Members are adults that are 18 years or older. As a senior member you help run the Civil Air Patrol program in your area. The Peachtree City Falcon Field Composite Squadron has a very active Senior Membership and is one of the largest Senior Member programs within the State of Georgia. Our Squadron has had the honor of flying the most hours out of any Squadron in Georgia over the last several years. But we are not just a group of Pilots, we are a group of very diverse Senior Members that accomplishes the full Emergency Service mission within CAP. We have many retired military of all branches, we have prior service personnel from all branches, we have Commercial Pilots, we have FAA personnel, and we have the normal every day citizen. All these different type people help our Squadron be one of the best in the state.

We fly and have pilots – if you want to fly come visit with us.

We do ground operations – if you’re not a pilot we have a spot for you to.   We do search and rescue and need ground crews to do this mission. We have several retired Army personnel that work our ground mission.

We support our community – we provide color guards, we provide emergency support services, we volunteer within your community to make it safer and better.  If you want to volunteer come see us.

We have both male and female members, we have young and older members, we have members from all walks of life – come see us. Come see if you have what it takes to join the best Squadron in Georgia and volunteer to help your community.

See our contact page and contact anyone on our list to talk over what CAP is and what you can do for CAP.

Click here for a free Search and Rescue Poster!

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